Halloween Poem 2015

For over twenty-five years I have mailed out a Halloween poem to friends and relatives… This year, this online web blog is the only place you’ll be able to find my Halloween poetry…

Great Words: Monastic Life in the New Era

Father Simón Pedro Arnold, OSB founder and president of the Institute for Studies of the Andean Cultures, IDECA (since 2009). In this framework, he is also founder and editorial director of the magazine Pan-Andean Dialogue, and Professor of Andean Religions and Cultures at the Catholic University Santa Maria, Arequipa, Peru.

Awe: Great Words

An interesting article in the New York Times Sunday Review that explains how experiencing “awe” affects our psyches in more ways than one might think…

Even More Places to Find Humility in the Tarot

Humility in the Fool? You think I must be joking… But research would seem to elucidate an element of humility—or lack of humility—in the history of the fool. In either sense—present or absent—we are provided a mode of observing, or gauging, or ruminating upon the virtuous nature of humility.