Statement of Rules & Ethics

1.            Tarot empowers readers and their clients to think through their options and come to decisions to gain insight into personal growth opportunities, to aid in meditation practice, to explore options or alternative answers to questions, or to enhance creativity through brainstorming. Ethical Tarot readers are people who help others better hear their own inner guides. They empower clients to think through their options and come to decisions on their own. Whichever direction the cards or our discussion may point, the future really lays in the hands of each individual person.

Only you, yourself, can take initiative to do things differently in your own life. A Tarot reading may reveal possible alternative ways of confronting your future, but ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE TO ACT TO AFFECT YOUR FUTURE, AND YOU SHOULD BE WILLING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHATEVER ACTIONS YOU DECIDE TO MAKE IN YOUR OWN LIFE. Therefore, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR BLAME if you are unsatisfied with your own choices. The answer is simply to make a different choice.

I do not claim to be psychic or to be able to know future events. Likewise, I am not licensed or qualified to dispense advice of a legal, financial, medical, health, psychiatric, psychological, or any other professional nature. You are encouraged to seek the licensed professional help of doctors, counselors, accountants, and lawyers—especially in cases where your issue of concern goes beyond the expertise of the reader. (And I will definitely let you know when that is the case.) Although all readings are performed with compassion and care for your well-being, for legal reasons it must be stated that ALL READINGS PERFORMED ARE GENERALLY FOR NOVELTY AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

2.           I prefer to read for individuals only. Only in rare cases are readings opened up for couples or multiple people at the same time. Distractions and defensive emotions are too great of a challenge when trying to address sensitive topics and problems. Without the opportunity to focus independently, and the ability to speak frankly one-to-one, your allotted time may end-up being a waste of your money.

3.           Clients must be eighteen (18) years of age to consent to or request a tarot reading. Readings for individuals younger than eighteen may be performed with the consent of a legal parent or guardian who has inquired with the Reader personally.

4.           The enquiry of the reading may not be in reference to another person who is not present at the reading. The reason for this policy is that the person in question is not able to defend him- or herself against accusations the client may make. Rather, the question posed during the reading should focus on the client present at the reading. The question may focus on the client’s feelings and emotions towards the non-present subject, but the emotions and thoughts of the non-present subject should not be conjectured upon.

5.           All reading fees (and tips) are non-refundable at the discretion of the Reader. (Think of it like a ride at the amusement park: once you've finished riding on the loop-dee-loop monster roller coaster...your service has been completed, regardless of whether you—personally—had a bad experience on the ride or not. It's no one else's fault if you engorged on fried twinkies beforehand and vomited your guts out while hanging upside down in the coaster car.) YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR DECIDING TO PARTICIPATE ON THIS RIDE (i.e.: FOR GETTING A TAROT READING). This is a business, and you are paying for a viable, trained service as well as for the Reader’s time.

6.           The Reader reserves the right to refuse a reading for any individual/patron/client. In such a case, any fee/donation for the reading will be refunded.

7.           If your reading takes place on the property of another business or organization (for example, in a coffee shop or a non-profit office space), or as part of an event benefiting another organization(s) (such as a charity auction event or gallery opening)—those businesses or organizations are in no way responsible for any actions you subsequently conduct as inspired by or as a result of the Tarot reading. Likewise, the opinions and ideas expressed by the Reader are not necessarily those held by the business or benefiting organization(s). As such, the business or beneficiary/hosting organization(s) are not legally liable for any opinions or ideas expressed by the Reader during your Tarot reading, nor any actions you take resultant thereof. READINGS PERFORMED AT RECEPTIONS, PARTIES, & CHARITY EVENTS ARE GENERALLY FOR NOVELTY AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

8.           All information during your reading is absolutely CONFIDENTIAL. Nothing discussed during your reading will ever leave the reading area or be repeated/shared by the Reader unless strict permission is granted by the patron/client. (What you do with the information from your reading is your choice and your responsibility.)

9.           The previous statement is completely not true if you reveal a crime or if the Reader feels you are in danger of harming yourself or others. The Reader will not discuss illegal activities during your reading. Further, if you reveal a crime (federal, state, or local), the Reader will be forced to notify law enforcement authorities about any information you reveal.

10.          Prior to a reading session I often ask clients to wash their hands or to use a provided hand-wipe (sensitive-skin formula). This is a health and safety precaution for your benefit and for other patrons, especially at events where many people will be handling the cards. If you choose not to use a hand wipe, you will not be allowed to touch the cards, but it will in no other way affect your Tarot reading.

* All references to “the Reader” in this document, refer to me. All references to “the Client” refer to you.