Research Bibliography

The bibliography on this page is an ever-increasing list of resources that I find which contribute to my research (and yes, I'm in the throes of writing a book). The resources you'll find here are not likely to be your standard tarot-resource books that one would find at a local esoteric bookstore, and are definitely not for the novice tarot enthusiast looking for basic card definitions or training help. Rather, they tend to be historical texts, dissertations, and academic research that inform various facets of what I'm interested in when researching the tarot, particularly: Renaissance Humanism and influences from medieval church pedagogy.  You might find these resources completely drôle and tedious.  On the other hand, I have somehow found inspiration somewhere within their pages (or electronic tidbits, as the case may be).

This list is likely to be reproduced, in part or in whole, in any eventual print-published material I put forth.  It might get extensive; I will attempt to categorize the resources as best I can; but in the end, this list may get so big that I can't make any promises.  This is a straightforward bibliographic list--links do not exist for all references. (Please don't ask for them; academia sometimes requires that you do some footwork on your own--be your own Page of Coins, why don't'cha, and get crackin' at the library).

This is an academic resources list.  For website attributions (Creative Commons images, etc.) please find that list on the Links page.

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