Knit Products

All knit products are created in a pet-free, smoke-free, allergen-free environment.

All available knit products can be purchased in my Etsy shop. The direct link on any page of my website can be found by scrolling down and clicking on the Etsy badge in the right sidebar of the page.

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Join the Resistance!  Show your outrage and solidarity with a p_ssyhat in the style made famous at the Women's March on January 21, 2017. Hand-made from Washable Wool/Acrylic fibers (in a variety of mixed content percentages). Specific fibers and colors or color variations can be requested.  Washing instructions included with every pair. Pictured items below are samples only—although inquiries for specific hats may be made if the item is not indicated as "SOLD" in the expanded-view. The beauty of these hats is that the ears can be worn in several styles: ears upright; ears flapped; triangular ears pointed forward; and the brim can be worn down to keep your ears warm or rolled up for a more impish-style beanie cap. The traditional p_ssyhat was a pink color meant to grab attention from amongst the throngs of tens-of-thousands of marchers on the streets of Washington DC. Many of the hats that I knit include subtler grades of pink and variegated yarns suitable for everyday wear, but always attempt to incorporate the color pink in some fashion so that the original message still resonates. You can also read my blog post about committing to knitting hats for the P_ssyhat Project. Profits above material costs and shipping will be donated to Planned Parenthood or other "intersectional" organizations that work towards social solutions. When contacting me for orders, please indicate the "PH"-number associated with the photo.

(Click on pictures to see larger image and descriptions. Discriptions are revealed in each picture by clicking the "i" icon at the bottom of each lightbox photo.)

Fingerless Gloves (Multiple Styles)

Hand-made from Washable Wool.  Washing instructions included with every pair. Other yarn types available by special request or commission.  Almost any color is possible.  Pictured items below are samples only. 

(Click on pictures to see larger image and descriptions. Discriptions are revealed in each picture by clicking the "i" icon at the bottom of each lightbox photo.)

Tarot Deck Bags and Sachets

Tarot Deck Roll-Top carry-Pouches in Silk-Cotton blend—22% silk / 78% cotton. Drawstring closure with side closure beads. Includes matching cotton handkerchief included for wrapping cards (adding padding protection) which doubles as a card-spread surface! Colors shown in pictures are colors available: Navy blue; Chartreuse; Orange; Purple; Pink. Not shown: Emerald-Aqua Green; and Sky-Cerulean Blue.

Rosary (Or Small Item) Storage Sachets

(works great as a business card holder!)



Other Knit Items

A gallery of other types of commission-able knit items, and retail display suggestions for my products.

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