Southern Pilgrimage, Part Two

The first priority of my Easter trip down south was to visit relatives—some of whom I had not seen in quite some time, having moved back from the west coast just last year. Another reason to make the visit was to reminisce at some of my favorite places around Washington D.C. and see some exhibits […]

Obedience vs. Responsibility

Most people at their wits ends just want to be told what to do with their lives. Sometimes the choices we’ve made in life have turned out so horrendous that we just want to give up all responsibility for everything and let someone else decide for us. Bonus is that if the advice we get […]

Um… hey.

Testing… testing. Testing?…  1… 2… 3… Ahem. So, uh… starting this blog… whole… social media thing. Little bit terrified about it.  But, uh… facing fears and doin’ it anyhow. Be gentle, folks.