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Doing one of my favorite things… hiking in the forest.


My name is Thom.  I am proud to be a member of the new wave of tarot enthusiasts that has discovered the tarot for personal enlightenment and direction, exploring the possibilities that the images and the knowledge behind the images can offer to people searching for meaning and insight to the world around them as well as about the interactions that they have with their fellow human beings.


What I am not:

I am not a fortune-teller.

I am not a psychic.

I am not a medium.


Lots of people using the tarot are still using these monikers to define themselves and somehow set themselves above and apart from the rest of the temporal world. The new wave of tarot enthusiasts is decidedly using less cryptic terminology to define the art form… and calling-out those who misappropriate the tarot, inappropriately taking advantage of vulnerable people.


I don’t believe that the tarot can predict the future. But I do believe that the tarot as a visual stimulant and creative springboard can help us evaluate future possibilities and choices…leaving the option of how the future evolves up to the person for whom the cards are being read.


Tarot empowers readers and their clients to think through their options and come to decisions to gain insight into personal growth opportunities, to aid in meditation practice, to explore options or alternative answers to questions, or to enhance creativity through brainstorming. Ethical Tarot readers are people who help others better hear their own inner guides. They empower clients to think through their options and come to decisions on their own. Whichever direction the cards or our discussion may point, the future really lays in the hands of each individual person.


So here’s what I am:

I am a great listener.

I am a trained, skilled, experienced, and creative tarot card reader.

I am a gentle, empathetic, and constructive advocate and steward.


I have Bachelors degrees in English and in Religious Studies, with a concentration in Feminist Theology.  My professional career experiences have included the areas of: international book publishing, marketing, state politics, human and minority rights advocacy, and music composition and direction.


I was born and raised in New England; received my higher education degrees in the South; and lived most of my adult life in the Pacific Northwest. During the past two decades I worked for an Arts and Human Rights non-profit in Seattle, Washington.


I completed multiple courses of study at the Seattle Tarot School, gaining knowledge and skills from a long-time reader and instructor, and spent time gathering a close community of tarot friends with whom to practice and philosophize. On a level of personal investigation, I have been studying the tarot for over 15 years. I have read tarot at many benefit events in the Pacific Northwest, and attended tarot conferences on the west coast.


I moved back to New England in 2014 to join a Benedictine monastic community (a monastery), but the discernment period discerned otherwise for me. It was a very sacramental and joyous period of time for me, but, boy, did I have to consult the tarot A LOT about that schism in my life and time leading to my decision to leave the monastery! I am grateful in many ways that during that crucial time I had the tarot as a resource!


It should also be noted that even though a lot of my research studies make a link between Catholic-Christian-Judeo historical pedagogy and the tarot, my readings are not strictly Christian-Judeo-centered. I consider myself entirely ecumenical, and am familiar or have experience with earth-centered practice, Native-American spirituality, pagan tradition, and just being human.


I am available for individual tarot consultations and event readings in Vermont. I am based in the Rutland area.



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