Early Summer from the Garden



Today, it hasn’t stopped raining since I got up in the morning. It’s a nice rain, though. It’s the closest in character to Seattle rain that I’ve noticed since moving back to Vermont in 2014. (Hard to believe that move was already three years ago! I was trying my hardest to arrive at the monastic community for the Feast of St. Benedict—on July 11th—but I think I was a few days late due to unforeseen delays during the cross-country drive.) We’ve had quite a lot of rain through this spring and summer, with several flash flood notices to deal with in that time period.


Now, of course, I am no longer at the monastic community, but my parents’ backyard and gardens provide many of the same kinds of seasonal joys…


I picked stalks from our plentiful rhubarb garden…at just about the same time that Washington State cherries were hitting the grocery stores here. So, in order to combine the flavors of east and west coast fruits, I made this very simple rhubarb-cherry freezer jam. The ingredients are pretty simple: Rhubarb, cherries, sugar/maple syrup, and chia seeds. No pectin needed because the chia seeds act as a thickener on their own…plus add omega-3 and other nutrients! The jam came out super tasty, but I’ll probably increase the sugar a tiny bit the next time I make it because it was still a little tart.



Mom pulled her garlic bulbs—(I wonder if she’s aware that she harvested them on the day of the full moon?)—and they are laid-out to dry. She’ll cut the stalks later and hang them in netting for use in the kitchen or to give away as gifts during the rest of the year. There is another second box with an equal number of bulbs, so you can only see half of the harvest in this picture! She also made some garlic scape pesto with cuttings a week or so earlier!



I would show you a picture of the beautiful and plentiful number of radishes that the garden has produced… but Dad eats them quicker than I can photograph them!


Mom had some spring force bulbs that didn’t quite “get there” this past spring. But whaddya know? …She recently put them out in some pots on the back deck, and voila! (I have a sensitive spot and special appreciation for late bloomers, of all genus and species…)



Enjoy the bounty and beauty of summer wherever you may be…






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