DERP…In Which I am Contradicted About the Usefulness of Group Tarot Readings


Leave it to my blessed and lovely tarot community to come up with an example in which Group Tarot Readings can have beneficial uses…in contradiction to my stated preference for and assumptions that individual readings are more constructive. Never let it be said that I can’t admit my shortsightedness…


While blog surfing yesterday, I came across an archival blog posting by tarot master Mary K. Greer* in which she described a workshop exercise intended for large group practice. Greer even mentions parts of the exercise that may reveal rather personal information, but states that the other participants should have the grace and sensitivity to be compassionate about such divulgences and that the situation ought to adhere to the premise that “what happens at the workshop stays at the workshop.”


Group Tarot Reading


The difference in this situation, of course, is that Greer is presenting valuable knowledge and engaging in participant readings that involve other tarot readers (as opposed to tarot readers and “Joe Shmoe” citizens off the street who might be in need of tarot reading services). Greer is using the opportunity to play games—which I wholeheartedly advocate—that help condition and train tarot readers to hone their intuition and reading skills, to instruct and expand the knowledge of the tarot among readers, themselves, or those interested in learning more. …And of course conferences and workshops and classes are the perfect opportunity for group reading exercises!


Mary K. Greer portrait

Mary K. Greer, tarot master extraordinaire

…So a loophole has been found in my previous blog post, but in the most wonderful way possible! I have had the pleasure of taking a workshop under the magnificent tutelage of Mary K. Greer, and I can attest that it was entirely eye-opening and gave me some skills that I have used henceforth in my own professional readings. Cheers to Mary K.! Check out her blog post for some brilliant ideas… I also found at least one tarot Meetup notification for a group in California that was using Greer’s exercise as described in her blog post. Perhaps there is a whole movement based upon her tarot exercises!


Postscript: Even more amazement…Mary K. Greer is a knitter! Heeby-Jeeby goosebumps just exploded all over with the realization that a tarot idol and I have the craft of knitting in common! GAH!!




*Greer, Mary K. “Tarot Council & Intel Circles,” Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog. February 19, 2010. (Last accessed June 21st, 2017.) ( ).





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