Tarot In Praxis: How Many Ways Can You Interpret a Single Card?



How Can I cope with/deal with/manage my debilitating anxiety?



The Sun card! (XIX)*


The Sun card (XIX) from the Voyager Tarot


  1.     Get some SUNLIGHT…or Vitamin D.
  2.     Like the great white heron…try to rise above it. Maybe it’s not your anxiety-inducing trouble to worry about.
  3.     Notice the grandeur of space, the nebulas, and the stars…there are bigger things out there; feel calm in your smallness.
  4.     Like the migrating monarch…set your sights on grander goals.
  5.     Like the couple on the beach…take a walk (get some exercise).
  6.     Like the beach walkers…walk with someone; talk to someone and share your thoughts.
  7.     Like the rainbow…radiate confidence, serenity, peace. Be transparent about the situation. Remeber that anxiety is fleeting and will fade away quickly.
  8.     Notice the gold coins…treat yourself once in a while.
  9.     Like the bedazzled jester…simply smile and exude joy. Joy attracts joyfulness.
  10.     Like the clown fish…just glide through your field of poppies like it’s your element.
  11.     Notice the orange fruit…treat your body like a temple and eat healthy and good things.
  12.     Like the beach…simply let the waves crash where they will.
  13.     If you let it erupt like the solar flare, gravity is just going to draw it back and let it come crashing back at you. Learn how to ground it instead.
  14.     (If the problem is chronic, or at a point where it is causing illness, please try to find some professional medical assistance from a physician. Those around you would honestly rather see you shine and excel than have to witness you self-destruct like a supernova! You are the Sun in someone’s life.)


I’ll bet you can come up with even more!



*Deck used is the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless, illustrated by photographer and artists Bob Ryder. (© 2008, Fair Winds Press). This was the first deck I really started reading with many years ago, and while not really wedded to the Rider-Waite-Smith system or imagery, it is an ideal deck for learning to read visually-intuitively from the overflowing, abundant collage images (as opposed to rote book definitions alone). I also find this deck useful for therapeutic-type readings where the client helps participates in exploring revelations from the images.





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