You Ought’a be Writing Stuff in Your Tarot Journal: Signs of Spring Edition


We’ve had some pretty warm days up here in Vermont. Birds seemed to migrate north early this year, and were subsequently caught in more than one snowstorm. but they’re resilient little suckers. …And persistent. As was the case of this little House Finch fella who apparently saw all my mother’s blooming African Violets on the inside windowsill and determined that it must be greener on the other side of the fence—as it were—or, more tropical on the other side of the window. (He wasn’t wrong.) So he spent literally the entire morning clinging to the outside window sill and testing the window with his tiny beak to make sure the barrier was impenetrable…


House Finch wants inside


You can perhaps see the snow cover on the ground behind the little birdie. That’s gone for the most part. And when I went outside to bring up some of the summer deck furniture and help clean the yard with my Dad, I noticed some spare crocus poking up through the ground…


yellow crocus

purple crocus


Kind of scraggly little things…but a sure sign of spring. I mean, it’s definitely still “stick” season, as we quaintly say in Vuhr-mahn(t); there isn’t a bud to be seen on any tree near or far. And you just never know whether that polar vortex is gonna dip down and give us another surprise snowflake or two. But the signs of warmer things to come are definitely there.


It is, after all, already Holy Week. Today is Holy Thursday and I made a batch of hot-cross buns that I will bring down to the brothers at the priory…


Hot-cross buns for the brothers


And I don’t mind saying there is hope on the spring breeze. Yesterday I did a spread with three different decks. Don’t know why…just felt like the thing to do. Wanted to see, I guess, how they’d all respond if I asked the same question to each one, and see how they’d interact with one another. So I used the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot, the Tarot of the Bastard, and the Voyager Tarot, and made a 9×9 grid…


Three-deck spread, same question each row


Well, that’s quite a draw! 4-out-of-9 Majors; all suits represented; an Ace; and curiously the Eight-of-Wands showed up twice (once upright and once reversed!)…


Three-deck-spread, detail


Whoo-wheeee! Time to do some journaling!


Journaling a three-deck spread





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