Mail Art in the Era of the Trump Regime…No Wavering from the Rebellion


Perhaps the artistamps of my friend Jack of Cascadia Artpost say it best… We are indeed in a stormy season. But a stormy political front always means there will be some inspired art from the politically oppressed. And if you’re an artist who DOESN’T feel politically oppressed…you’re not paying attention. With the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities both on the chopping block of the Republican-led Congressional budget, not only is arts funding at stake, but millions of arts-related jobs are as well.


With that foreboding thought,… I am pleased to know that several of my mail art friends are equally alarmed and up-in-arms and MAKING ART AS PART OF THE REBELLION. Here are a few of the pieces I’ve recently received that make a statement in light of the atrocities being committed by the current administration and the conservative-ideologic agenda in Congress..


Trump era mailart_2


Clockwise from upper left:

“Nasty Woman Sunglasses” carved print on star-spangled postcard by Allison Baker.


“Nevertheless She Persisted” painted, printed, and rubber-stamped art with attached ephemera on irregular-shaped mail-postcard. The piece is shaped like a Hand of Fatima—also known as a Hamsa Hand—which is a protective amulet against the evil eye in middle-east and near middle-eastern countries. This piece by Shelly Tracy is A-MAZE-BALLS!


Mary Wheeler created this Red-White-and-Blue painted card/collage. I like that this “patriotic” art card arrived inside the multi-colored envelope…Patriotism can be enwrapped in diversity, it seems to say.


And the most blatantly forthright statement via Mail Art I’ve received to date…another great piece from Debra Mulnick. “Let’s Make Facts Louder Than Opinions.”  Amen to that.


Trump era mailart_3


A sweet thank you note for my safety pin mail art mailing from SaraMarie Bottaro, with an amazing little boekie in which she expounds on the power of letter writing and the right of privacy in personal communications. (at top)


And a humorous—as always—note from my friend, Nadine Wendell-Mojica that includes a vintage clipping regarding “The laws of clean play.” Apparently nobody in the Trump administration were provided this document during their young school days.


Trump era mailart_4


And finally, a treatise on REAL SCIENCE from David Stafford, explicating High and Low Tide as influenced by the heavenly bodies…information that is sure to be lost in the dismantling of the scientific process, the undercutting of the scientific community, and the obliteration of scientific funding. I appreciate David’s art because I think humor is possibly one of the best ways to confront the mind-blowing debacle that is occurring right before our eyes… Which is why the back-side of David’s card is brilliant in it’s depiction of the crustacean, Steve Bannon, giving a press conference…


Trump era mailart_5


What I wouldn’t give to be able to accidentally throw THAT lobster in a pot of boiling water… Although it seems that the presidential administrative team might just be doing a fine job all on their own of getting themselves into hot water…


Keep ’em coming, folks. He ain’t been impeached yet…





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