GREAT WORDS: Marcus Fabius Quintilianus on Oratory Rhetoric


Quintilian QUOTE on Oratory Rhetoric


..."Just as it is not enough in erecting a building simply to collect stone and the timber and the other building material..."

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..."unless the hands of the craftsmen are put to work to dispose and assemble will be nothing but a random accumulation unless Disposition organizes it, links it all up, and binds it together."

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Marcus Fabius Quintilianus (c. 35 – c. 100 CE) was a Roman rhetorician from Hispania (the Rioja region of Spain), who was widely referred to in medieval schools of rhetoric and in Renaissance writing. In English translation, he is usually referred to as Quintilian. He is most famous for his twelve-volume textbook on rhetoric entitled Institutio Oratoria (the Institutes of Oratory), published around CE 95 . This work deals not only with the theory and practice of rhetoric, but recounts Quintilian’s own education and development in the field. His work is cited or mentioned by such philosophers and writers as Pliny, St. Augustine of Hippo, Petrarch, Martin Luther, Alexander Pope, and Montaigne. And, as well, Johann Sebastian Bach’s music possibly contained elements of Quintilian’s theories on rhetoric.





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