Counting Cows


When you live in a rural state in which—during certain various periods in the state’s history—there have been more resident cows at any given time than there have been the total number of human citizens…the news in the daily paper can be…well,…it has different priorities than in some o’ them metro-polly-tan places out there yonder.


Here in Vermont, our cows hold a regal place in the landscape, and in GDP economics, and in gramma’s macaroni-and-cheese recipe. The local diner ain’t likely to serve your desert apple pie “a-la-mode” so much as it is likely to serve it with a couple thick slice-hunks of sharp Vermont cheddar. That’s a real thing…no accounting fer farmer’s tastes. Vermonters mostly use local butter to bulk up for the winter. And kids don’t drink ‘nothin’ else but the white stuff until well past puberty… sometimes later.


So it’s no surprise, then, I suppose, that our hoof-ed heifer friends get so much newspaper acreage in the daily news. It just somehow struck me as I was reading my local paper this morning that the news seemed heifer-ific, and holstein-heavy…


So how many times do the local agricultural residents show up in your local daily newspaper? Today I counted at least five visual instances:


counting cows_1


counting cows_2


counting cows_3


A closer look at the above picture…


counting cows_3.5


counting cows_4


And, I think this last one should count, too…from the kiddie pages…


counting cows_6





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