The Electoral College Needs to Read JFK’s Profiles in Courage


I wish to apologize for the fact that there have lately been a lot of excess blog entries that don’t strictly adhere to the topic of tarot. This space, however, is as much a personal blog as it is a place to discuss and share the art of the cards, and whereas social-societal health and human psychology have as much to do with tarot readings as they do with politics, I have taken the opportunity to present ideas and issues that I feel need some contemplation and that I hope you find as important and intriguing as I do. At this particular time in United States history, it is no time to keep silent…or to keep intellectual inquiry stifled…or to allow injustices to go unchallenged, unheeded, or unconfronted. To that end, I have added a new Category to my blog roll called “Social Justice” as a place to file those entries upon which I find myself needing to express thoughts and ideas or which deserve sharing with a wider audience.  


JFK's book, "Profile's in Courage"


…Just read this Time magazine article by Geoffrey R. Stone, that makes a great case for the Electoral College to do the RIGHT THING… The author invokes JFK’s Profiles in Courage, which recounts historical political leaders who made decisions that were unpopular in order to do the right thing for the nation.


It makes me think that the shitstorm that might happen if the electoral college votes against Trump, would probably not be as shitstormy as the presidency of Trump itself…


Maybe there’s not much hope in such a thing, but this article by Stone is a good, cogent, well-stated argument for it. Read the whole thing:


Quote from JFK's "Profiles in Courage"





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