Outgoing Mail Art in December 2016

These art envelopes are being mailed to mail art correspondence friends this month… The drawings are inspired by various found images. Some of them were inspired by the artist Ben Shahn…


mailart_1_inspired by artist Ben Shahn


mailart_2-inspired by Ben Shahn


mailart_3 inspired by Ben Shahn


mailart_4 dec 2016


mailart_5 dec 2016


mailart_6 dec 2016


mailart_9 dec 2016


A portrait of Charles Kilburn William, Governor of Vermont from 1850-1852:


mailart_7 Gov. Charles Kilborn William, Vermont


A Portrait of John Boardman Page, Governor of Vermont 1867-1869:


mailart_8 Gov. John Boardman Page, Vermont





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