News Sources Already Anticipating the Devolution of American Civil Rights in the Trump Era


This was interesting… While driving to my destination yesterday, I was listening to Vermont Public Radio and happened to hear today’s Vermont Edition broadcast on legal preparedness for LGBT people in anticipation of retroactive and discriminatory policy changes under the forthcoming Trump administration and the Republican-majority Congress.


How sobering.


And all I could think was, “If Hillary Clinton had won the election, this public service announcement and examination would never had needed to happen.” Now LGBT people have to worry about changes in policy and executive orders that may result in unequal treatment when it comes to adopting children, health care, public services, housing, and job retention. Fabulous. …The worries include Trump rescinding President Obama’s executive order preventing discrimination against LGBT federal employees, and Republicans introducing bills to allow for religious liberty freedom (to refuse services or access to services or licenses, etc., etc.) to LGBT people if homosexuality doesn’t “agree” with someone’s religion.




Lots of people just take administration (or rather, regime) change in stride like it won’t really affect their lives. But as I pointed out in an earlier blog…it affects some people—particularly minorities—more succinctly. You might think those changes mentioned above are long shots—unlikely to happen—or that the separation of powers might block or prevent such executive order reversals or legislation… But then try to remember that Trump is also going to have the ability to stack the Supreme Court with conservative judges who are likely to agree with the administration and Republican Congress…and not just for the duration of the Trump presidency, but rather for generations to come.


If nothing more, the fear instilled in minority populations—LGBT people, immigrant populations, people of color, Muslim communities—is a national ethical crisis in itself. The psychological well-being of the nation’s citizens is at stake. Whatever happened to F.D.R.’s Four Freedoms… including the Freedom from Fear?



Click on the link image below to listen to the whole program…it’s enlightening and disheartening. The panel of legal experts includes Vermont attorney Susan Murray, with whom I am acquainted from our participation at Vermont’s Annual LGBT Town Meetings back in the 1990s. She’s been working on this stuff for a long time and knows her stuff…






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