Last Gasps of Autumnal Foliage


Rain is expected through the weekend, with even some possible snow on the mountaintops by weekend’s end. The rain brings down a lot of leaves, …BUT…luckily, I took some photos over the past week of what was likely our last gasp of foliage color…


Sometimes, when you see the perfect rainbow mountainside landscape, there is no really good place to safely pull off the road for a photo. In such cases, one just has to be grateful for having had the opportunity to have been a secret witness to the beauty. Other times, even when a photo opportunity affords itself, it depends how the sun is angled on the mountain. Somehow, pictures never seem to do as much justice to the foliage colors as the naked eye. Local meteorologists have explained that the draught conditions this summer and fall may have boosted the extra bright colors we’ve seen this year.


These photos are the best of those I took this foliage season. Enjoy!


2016 foliage_1





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