GREAT WORDS: If All Goes Well…


Sometimes, when democracy seems at its bleakest and darkest…

            Sometimes, when all other thoughts and emotions fail…


It is good to search for solace in some poetry…




If all goes well

The police

            out of total boredom

                        will go home

Borders will disappear

Even the toy factories

will stop making arms


If all goes well

there will be no Premier


Savior of Democracy





If all goes well

they will stop

            trying to convince us

with lies.


If all goes well


             Great Lamas


will allow God

to once more be human



cedar and seagull

            herb and star





                        and cat.


If all goes well

            if all goes well

as long as the nova’s hour

            doesn’t come

or the black hole

            doesn’t absorb our dreams

we will take our children’s hands

so they may feel

            protected and our gentleness.

We will share our games

We will surrender our kisses

I will laugh

            I will sing

I will complain of work’s hassles

I’ll count my gray hairs

And until the very end

            I will delight

in the adventure

of the sensation

            of emotion

                        and thought.


If all goes well

If all goes well


If all goes well.




poem by Juan Antillón Montealegre

(translated by Joseph Richey)


Juan Antillón Montealegre is a Costa Rican poet, born in 1940. His published books include:


Pink Paper: Isla. (Latin American Prize Valle Inclan -Editorial Central University, Institute of Hispanic Culture, Institute of Latin American Cooperation, co-sponsors- and National Literature Prize Costa Rica).


It was like Flag Music. In mid-2000, New Age International, under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the United Nations prepared an "anthology of leaders and visionaries of the twentieth century" (this is the publicitó), for which purpose 20 000 invited personalities from around the world and from all branches of human endeavor, to send a reflection in prose or verse on human hopes for the future. The work was supposed to be the spiritual heritage of the humanity of the century for the generations of the third millennium. The poem "If all goes well," Juan Antillon, here included, was one of the 265 texts finally selected (the English edition of the work appeared as Prayers For A Thousand Years, Harpers, USA, 2000).



Esbozo biográfico


Juan Antillón Montealegre, Costa Rica, 1940. Libros completos publicados (o sea no incluyo las selecciones de textos traducidas y publicadas en revistas literarias de USA o Europa, ni los libros completos inéditos)


Rosa de Papel: Isla (Premio Latinoamericano Valle Inclán -Editorial Universitaria Centroamericana, Instituto de Cultura Hispánica, Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana, co-patrocinadores- y Premio Nacional de Literatura de Costa Rica).


Iba como Bandera de Música: A mediados del año 2000, New Age International, bajo el auspicio de la Secretaría General de Naciones Unidas, preparó una "antología de líderes y visionarios del siglo XX" (así se la publicitó), a cuyo efecto se invitó a 20 000 personalidades de todo el mundo y de todas las ramas del quehacer humano, a enviar una reflexión en prosa o en verso sobre las esperanzas humanas hacia el futuro. La obra suponía ser la herencia espiritual de la Humanidad de ese siglo para las generaciones del tercer milenio. El poema "Si todo marcha bien", de Juan Antillón, aquí incluido, fue uno de los 265 textos finalmente seleccionados (la edición en lengua inglesa de la obra apareció como Prayers For A Thousand Years, Harpers, USA.







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