Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Arrives…In a Word: Stunning


Uusi, the design company of lovely things (including collectable playing card sets), sent an email last week indicating that they had shipped a package to me. It included a tracking number with a link so I could see exactly the journey that the package made on its way from Chicago to my little hamlet in Vermont. So, ultimately, it wasn’t a surprise to greet the package in my mailbox, because it arrived just when the tracking system said that it would…



The Uusi team’s handwritten correspondence is ALWAYS a nice touch…



…As is their attention to little details, like this single leaf of sage laying on top of the precious cargo, just waiting to be used in a personal ritual or spell…



The boxed deck was sufficiently protected by foam wrapping, and also came with a linen satchel bearing the name of the production company.



Inside of that, was the prize… The Uusi Pagan Otherwords Tarot  in its cellophane wrapper, and a specially designed stamp securing the lid.



On older, vintage decks the stamp represented a tax on the playing cards (there’s a history behind that), so Uusi’s mock tax timbrel has a classic significance. I carefully peeled mine off and transferred it to a journal page!



Above is pictured the Fool (Major Arcana I), the five moon-phase cards, and the specially-designed “Seeker” card. The card stock at first seems like it might be thin, but it’s quite sturdy, flexible, and devine to handle. There’s a very subtle linen waffle to the surface of the paper, but it does not detract from the delicacy of the artwork at all. The “light side of the moon” on the moon phase cards is embellished with gold-fleck overlay which is quite beautiful. They are the only cards I’ve noticed that contain the metallic shimmer.



I think I’m ready for my journey with this deck…



Seeking wisdom along the way…



Pictured above are the four Aces representing the four directions, the four elements, as well as the class stratifications of Renaissance communities. Hopefully as a “compass” they will guide me to new boundaries of knowledge and understanding. Thank you Uusi! It truly is a lovely thing!





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