The Re-appearance of Knit Mail Art


A new member of the International Union of Mail Artists recently inquired about the knit mail art pieces I had done in the past. It has been a long time since I sent fiber art through the mail, but because of her interest, I said that I would send a newly created piece to her. …Then I actually made an extra one with some leftover yarn…


Knit Mail Art—Two Samples

Two Samples of recent Knit Mail Art that I sent through the mail. The pieces take the form of a knit postcard that I mail inside a clear cello-envelope so that the piece can be seen through the envelope. Then everyone—including the postal delivery person—can enjoy the artwork during the course of its postal travels…


Red Knit Mail Art—Front

Unfortunately, the reflective cell-envelope detracts from a clear photograph of the knit work itself…But you can see some of the lacework I incorporated into the pattern. These pieces come out a little thicker than a standard flat envelope, so they cost a little more to send in the mail..about $1.15 each (domestic mail).


Red Knit Mail Art—Backside

I also try to incorporate bits and baubles into the piece…Here I inserted a cut-out photo of an antique needlepoint sampler that I found at an antiques show last fall. Also a Yogi teabag paper with a wise aphorism printed on it, and some foil snowflakes from some forgotten craft project that I found in my junk drawer. They make the piece sparkle!


Yellow Knit Mail Art—Front

On both pieces I took the time to sew a translucent strip of ribbon across one side to add a fanciful embellishment. The cable that runs across the front of this piece is hidden somewhat by the ribbon and the address label, but the recipient will see it when she takes the piece out of its celo envelope… Notice my artistamps from my sovereignty…République du Coeur.


Yellow Knit Mail Art—backside

This piece included more foil snowflakes, an altered cereal box cut-out, an angel sticker, a Madonna image (received from another mail artist), and various stickers, and artistamps.


I have some rainbow colored yarn that I had been using to make Duduza dolls for a charity program (another project that has been on the back burner). So I think that perhaps I will make a series using the rainbow yarn for members of the LGBTQ Warriors Mail Artist Group in remembrance of the victims of the Orlando massacre. It won’t be, perhaps, so much a “remembrance” as an act of collective sympathy and solidarity…a way to not forget, and a way to show strength…a way to say we refuse to forget, even amidst the ignorant responses and the apathy that media fatigue creates.


Rainbow Yarn...ready to be made into mail art.





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