What I would really like to do is allow images to try to speak for me—for us—at this time. That would be great.




…But while images can project our feelings, wrench emotions from us, still or incense our souls…the real work of healing can only come through much more processing than a still-picture or illustration can evoke. We live in a dimension of time…and time has to move forward. So we need to talk about how our feelings and emotions and our souls will move forward… And it’s the time when we have choices…we get to choose how we will react and how we will proceed and how we will recover and how we will participate in the new life with what we have learned.


…It might take awhile to do all that processing.


“But there’s way too much talking,” you’re saying to yourself. “Everyone is politicizing the violence and politicizing the victims and politicizing me… And they are forgetting the dead already and focusing on radicalized, fundamentalist hate-mongers, and focusing on war, and focusing on those f*ck-tard presidential candidates, and focusing on whether people should still be able to buy more guns to be able to create more violence just like thisEVEN. AFTER. THIS. And all I wanna do is mourn and hide and get over my PTSD from the years of fear and harassment and threats and violence and hateful rhetoric and insinuations and apathy…”


…I know.


I know because I—we—have experienced the same violence… You’re not alone.










Let yourself mourn.


Then—when you’re ready—we need to say the words. We have to say the things that are injustice. We have to name the real things. We have to keep telling our stories. Others can—and will—contribute their own stories and collaborate in naming your injustices. You’ll see—others can name the same injustices.


There is Strength in the courage it takes to name your injustice. Strength and Courage are required to wade through the muck and the injustices in order to find Justice.


But you have to name it first. You have to say it. You have to talk about the real things that hurt and cause injustice in your story.


For me, some of the real things include things like these…


HuffingtonPost Tweet_1


HuffingtonPost Tweet_2


HuffingtonPost Tweet_3
Jim Himes tweets

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We’ll get passed the mourning and sobriety of the Five-of-Cups, and the heartache of the Three-of-Swords…and eventually we’ll get to the picking-up and moving-on in the Five-of-Swords. We might even get to the reflection of past events in the Four-of-Swords; celebrate the fallen by remembering their beautiful memories like the Six-of-Cups; and maybe even see things start to grow like in the Seven-of-Pentacles…or greater things even.


For now…







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