You Ought’a be Writing Stuff in Your Tarot Journal: Tetraktys to Tree Spread


Journal pages: Pythagorean Tetraktys-to-Cabbalistic Tree of Life Spread


Journal page: Pythagorean Tetraktys


Journal page: Cabbalistic Tree of Life


I use this 10-card spread quite a bit. I start by laying the cards out in the Pythagorean Sacred Tetraktys position, analyzing the cards by their corresponding traits and associations…


…Then transition the spread by making the minimal placement adjustments so that the same cards are arranged into the Cabbalistic Tree of Life, and re-assess the similarities and differences that the new associations have in relation to the Tetraktys. The re-arrangement is simple because the cards are almost virtually in the same place-order; the only changes are:


  • Card #6 comes slightly downward to become the lower triangle point of the middle [“Ethical”] triangle (Tiphareth/Beauty).
  • Cards #3 and #4 are moved left-ward to become the two upper corners of the lower [“Astral”] triangle (#3 becomes Hod/Splendor -and- #4 becomes Netzach/Victory).
  • Card #2 is brought down center to become the lower third point of the lower [“Astral”] triangle (Yesod/Foundation).
  • Card #1 is brought down below card #2/Yesod to become the base of the Tree in the position of Malkuth/Kingdom.





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