Happy May Day! Happy Beltane!


Looking at the little tulip garden that my mother planted this year—next to her garlic bed—reminds me that the first week of April is when the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is always scheduled…fields and fields of stiped colors as the tulips blossom. So how lovely that my mother has made her own little miniature version in her garden…and that they should have bloomed just in time for May Day.


Tulip beds in my mother's garden


My mother continues a tradition set by her own mother of celebrating May Day…when friends used to leave bouquets of flowers on one anothers’ doorsteps. Today Mom has prepared small pots of flowers and pansies that will be driven to friends’ houses and dropped off…as soon as she finishing making the Danish Puff Pastry that she’ll also gift to those friends. The smell of the house this morning is filled with the almond scent of the pastries. Yum!


Danish Puff Pastry—a family favorite


But back to those flowers…


Tulip beds in my mother's garden


Other things in the flower garden are just taking their time, despite all the sun that we’ve had recently… But a few things are starting to brighten the yard…


Flower bed colors emerging


A few daffodils, and the creeping flox is showing a few flowers… More tulips are getting ready to burst open behind them, and those maroon-colored twigs in the upper left are the beginning sprouts of the peonies (my favorite flower, by the way…). I am always amazed at how the peonies completely disappear in the fall—they die away below the ground-level—and every spring sprout back up into a rather large bushy crop in the same spot. They are a rather deep-rooted plant, so I’m told, so it’s rather like my own version of the Demeter and Persephone tale, isn’t it? Every fall and winter I get distressed that I can’t see any vestige of the lovely peony bushes I’ve admired all summer…they disappear and dive down into the earth and I think they must be gone forever. Then in the spring, they rise and make their appearance, and before I know it, they’ve bushed-out and will have so many bulging blossoms that they won’t even be able to support their own weight!


Groundhog spotted by the barn


Hey there, buster! What’a’you think you’re doing? You’ve hit the wrong holiday! It’s not Groundhog Day! It’s May Day!!





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