Spring Weather Flip-Flop


All winter long we had virtually no snow in Vermont. And, now that it’s spring…the snow finally arrives…



Two days ago it continued to snow without stopping once the whole day. It was a light snowfall and we only accumulated about 3 inches here in the valley. …Probably not enough to rescue the dismal ski season, but maybe enough to extend the maple sugaring season for a few extra days!


The maple syrup that Vermont is famous for is dependent on the large sugar maple tree population here. The season is often short—just several weeks in early spring. But the bizarre weather this year has turned all sugaring rules on its head. Some farmers were collecting maple sap in January. (Crazy!) Tree sap production requires cold nights and warm days in the spring. So our little cold snap thanks to a dipping polar vortex will push the season a little bit further down the calendar. It is usually towards the end of the season when the syrup starts turning a darker color that maple sugar makers know they are getting to the end of their run. But the local folks with whom I have spoken say that the darker run hasn’t started yet, meaning there is plenty of sap still to run, which makes sense since there aren’t many trees even budding yet.





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