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Sometime when I was in…like, junior high school…(no disclosure on how many years ago that was…more than I care to recount personally)…someone came to me with an old potholder that was disintegrating and asked, “Do you think you could replicate something like this for me?”


When it comes to knitting and crocheting, I am—and was even then—prolifically experienced enough to look at something and be able to see the stitches—their type, count, and how those stitches were fashioned to create their article. I don’t know if that was a proclivity for spacial relations or what…or maybe some sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder… But between seeing the original crochet design in that potholder, and having some logarithmic stitch count tricks in my own head, I redesigned-recreated a set of those pot holders for that person…and started a new demand among family members who became addicted to them. Is “addicted” a little too strong of a term? Not really…



pot holders in pastel spring colors


Pot holders?  POT HOLDERS??! What the hell? Who gets excited about frigin’ pot holders?!


I make these out of plain cotton yarn. Lily Cotton yarns makes a brand called Sugar ‘n Cream® that any crochet enthusiast will recognize as ubiquitous in corporate craft retailer stores. These pot holders are composed of two disks laid back-to-back and then attached to one another around the perimeter using a single round of single crochet (which I usually do in a separate border of white), ending with a tatted loop so that the pot holders can be hung on a hook.


They're reversible!

They’re reversible!


Because each of them is composed of two disks/two sides, each side can be made of a different color or complimentary color…meaning they’re reversible.


My parents are heading down south for Easter to visit relatives in the Baltimore-Annapolis-Washington DC area, and will be having dinners at the homes of two cousins during their travels. So I made these for them to bring with them as host gifts.




People love these things because they turn out to have multiple uses. They do, in fact, work great as pot holders, and because they are double layered cotton, they resist allowing heat to permeate through them and burning fingers. But their shape and diameter make them conducive to doubling as a trivet or hotpad. They are also perfect for putting under a bowl or plate in the microwave.


I haven’t done a lot of fiber-project design publishing, but perhaps I’ll provide this set of project instructions at a future time or in a future blog…







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