Charity Knitting is a Great Project for Lent!


An LGBT knitting group in which I participated over the last year has decided to do some charity knitting for various relief organizations in northern Vermont. So I’m happy to have made some slouchy hats to contribute to the effort!


Years ago I stopped trying to “give up” things for Lent. Sacrificing consumerist goods or foods that are generally not good for you in the first place, or that you can do without to begin with, seems like a ridiculous task if you are already invested in trying to treat your body correctly, or trying to realize right relationship in a capitalist-consumerist world…


A better option, it seems to me, is trying to exert oneself, and attempt to offer oneself to a greater extent towards one’s community’s benefit. Try remembering the Beatitudes. Try focusing on and practicing the various virtues through your actions. Instead of sacrificing your privileges, offer your humility to others. Actualizing charity, and using the period of Lent to practice service to one’s neighbors, can teach us the ease of integrating service in our lives throughout the rest of the year.


Charity knitting





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