Doodle “Process Art” (after Ray Johnson)


Ever feel like doodling? Ever get inspired by other artists?


Ray Johnson is considered one of the forefathers of Mail Art. You can see some of his Mail Art at the Ray Johnson Estate website here.


I find a lot of Ray Johnson’s stuff inspiring, and in doodling some of his characters and memes, I came up with these:





Whether your doodles comes out to your satisfaction or not, why not send them along to some of your mail art friends? (These three pieces got mailed out to some friends several weeks ago.) Your fellow artists understand that some art is “process art,” and it simply shows some of your development and practice of the medium. [Mail] Art doesn’t have to be perfect to be appreciated. Receiving something in the mail is half of the joy! Never feel ashamed of your “process” art. Let someone enjoy it! Release it to the universe by sticking a stamp on it and dropping it in a mailbox…


And hey! Check out this Ray Johnson-inspired hand-carved rubber stamp I made. Now I can decorate all my mail envelopes with a message that matters (especially in this primary political season)!


hand-craved rubber stamp "Plutocracy Hurts!"




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