Wisdom Language


We took a walk on a trail

We hadn’t walked before

Where the mountains could envelope us

And came upon a clearing where

The trail stopped in front of a river

There was no bridge

And that was that

The end of the road

There was snow on the ground

But it was soft to the foot

The air wasn’t biting

But cold enough to refresh

The water was moving

But there was ice on either side

Of the embankment flow

And just like curly fractals, there were large

Crystal formations all along the ice edge

Creating an infinity-length scroll to fathom…


It was the type of fragility

Boys always want to crumble

And that little girls would like to serve

Under cookies when at tea

With a noble class of dolls

The kind of beauty that cannot be preserved…

The kind of possession that will cannot possess…

And might be broken by the bumble

Of a hoof with no free will to care…


It struck me as we stood there

In front of that ancient Wisdom language that

I was exactly where I was supposed to be

…And if I should forget

Before I am conjoined with this soil

…Just remind me…

We were here and we heard it

We heard the murmur roil under the text

We heard the whisper on the wind



Frosted river


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