Blink and You’ll Miss It: Foliage LAST Week versus Foliage THIS Week

Foliage in Vermont is dependent on several factors: rainfall, sunlight, temperature, amount of daylight, elevation, global warming, etc., etc. As you can imagine variations in those factors produce different effects on the foliage season. This year it came a bit late, and it also has lingered delectably. Generally we see the beginning bloom of foliage and its geographic progress migrate as you might notice between the two maps below:

Early Foliage in Vermont Map

Map of early foliage migration in Vermont

Mid-Season Foliage in Vermont Map

Map of mid-season foliage migration in Vermont

Below are some comparison pictures of foliage LAST week as compared to THIS week, in which you can clearly see the foliage pattern changes—and in some cases the brevity—of Vermont's most iconic and picturesque season...

Campus Tree in foliage, Castleton University

This is a tree on the campus of Castleton University (in the western part of the State of Vermont) which--LAST week--had already turned a bright orange blush beginning near its uppermost branches. It still had a tinge of green around its base.


Tree in Foliage, campus of Castleton University

Here is the exact same tree THIS week--not quite a full week later. It is now in full foliage eruption-orange-and-yellow. Several trees around it have already started (or are almost finished) shedding their leaves.


Foliage Castleton Hillside LAST Week

Here is a snapshot of a hillside in Castleton (just north of Poultney)--LAST week--taken from a spot along the D&H Rail Hiking Trail. The forest is still pretty greenish with a few spots of color starting to show.

Foliage in Castleton, Vermont

Here is the another snapshot taken from the exact same spot along the D&H Rail Trail of the same hillside view--THIS week. One might even call that kind of color "peak."

Foliage in Castleton, Vermont

Here's a photo of a tree I found particularly vibrant LAST week--also along the D&H Rail Trail in Castleton, Vermont.

Foliated Tree in Castleton, Vermont

Here is the exact same tree THIS week… Ooops!!! All gone. Foliage doesn't always last long, so you gotta catch it when you can!




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