This is What Happens When You Send Out MailArt

Perhaps you’ve noticed in some previous blog posts that I’ve been sending out some of my own Mail Art to postal friends. Well, the tide has now shifted and incoming Mail Art is starting to fill my mailbox!


Enjoy some of these documentation photos of the pieces I’ve received from some very artistic friends:


Mail Art by David Stafford

David Stafford is always tickling my funnybone. Not necessarily always “P.C.,” but reaching towards the absurd and hilarious.


Mail Art by Meeah Williams

Meeah and I both have an affinity for the tarot. Here you can see her version of The Hermit card, as well as the backside of the extremely colorful envelope she painted


Mail Art by Tammy Riggins

Tammy Riggins is a new postal friend. Her enclosed artwork is pretty impressive, and her hand-crafted envelope is pretty awesome, too!


Mail Art by Aaron Morgan

This is a sample of Aaron Morgan’s work–exactly why I sent him a sample of mine, so that I might receive something brilliant back from him like this! So much talent! Aaron lives back in Seattle (where I lived for almost 20 year…).


Mail Art by Nadine Wendell-Mojica

Nadine is a long-time postal friend of mine. You can always tell when Nadine’s mail arrives by her unique portrait art–she often does characterizations of the people she comes across in her neighborhood.


Retrospective Announcement for Anna Banana

Two pieces of Mail Art from Cascadia Artpost! This one is an announcement of a Retrospective Art Exhibit for Anna Banana–a Mail Art icon–taking place in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Oh–if only I were still in Seattle, I’d be there for sure!


Trashpo Mail Art from Cascadia Artpost and Mail Art Martha

The second piece of mail to arrive from Cascadia Artpost was a collaboration boekie (booklet) made with the assistance of Mail Art Martha (of the United Kingdom). This funny faux-announcement for “Walmarth” caters to fans of “Trashpo” (a sub-genre of Mail Art), and includes a free sheet of self-created stickers that I can use on future mail art that I create!! Thanks to both Jack and Martha for including me as a recipient of this creative mailing!


Mail Art by Angela Behrendt

This piece by Angela Behrendt from Germany seems like it might be a pre-cursor to October Halloween mailings! Though it is hard to tell from the picture, this piece is a collage, and the text at the bottom of the piece is HAND-STITCHED onto the board. Wow–a time-consuming project I’m sure!


Mail Art by Theo Nelson

Theo Nelson from Calgary, Canada also has a very distinct and recognizable artistic style. Theo has send me a set of three Artist Trading Cards that he created…


Mail Art by Connie Jean

And finally, some great Mail Art by a new postal friend, Connie Jean (in Florida)…


Detail: Mail Art by Connie Jean

…and, OOOPS! Looks like Connie had sent some mail to my OLD address in Seattle. Well, that happens sometimes… Connie apparently does the same thing I do, which is to write down several addresses as I recognize someone with whom I’d like to trade mail… but sometimes a little time lapses before I can send a piece to that person, and in the meantime information might change. To Connie’s credit, she persisted in tracking me down to send the original piece! And I’ll be happy to send her something in return and in gratitude!


And that’s how it works—send something, and you’re likely to get something in return!




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