Outgoing MailArt Mid-September 2015

How easy is it to make mail art? Pretty easy…


I have an envelope-shape template form that I use all the time to make my own envelopes (You can find your own template envelope form to print-out by doing a simple search online.)


Whenever I come across an old book with interesting visuals, I simply tear out the pages that I find visually interesting, get the envelope template out, trace it on the sheet, cut it out with scissors, fold it, glue the seams, and voilà!! …instant envelope.


I embellish as desired with stickers, rubber stamping, and my own self-printed artistamps, and once the envelope is addressed, it’s ready to send as mail art! (Make sure there is open space to be able to write an address on the envelope. If there isn't, or the graphic illustration is too "busy," just use a label instead.)


Here is an example of this technique using an old book of graphic marketing design concepts that I found at a church book sale… Here’s the original book:


The book used to make envelopes


And here are some of the envelopes I made using pages from the inside the book:





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