Echinacea; Bergamot; Thistle

The Summer Bounty of My Parents’ Gardens

Echinacea; Bergamot; Globe Thistle
Echinacea; Bergamot; Thistle

(Front-to-back) Echinacea; Bergamot; Globe Thistle

Trumpt Vine Tree

Trumpet Vine Tree from a cutting of the parent tree in my great-grandmother’s yard in the Strawberry Banks neighborhood of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This is truly a creeping vine that has been “tamed” into a trunk-tree through annual bonsai-style culling and having brace-supported the vine “trunk” until it has grown to a thickness supportive of itself. This tree was planted approximately 40 years ago. The humming birds love it!

Blackberry garden in bloom

Blackberry garden in bloom around June 3rd.

Blackberries ripening

Now the blackberry fruit is ripening. We’ve been picking… but so have the birds and chipmunks.

Bucket o' Blackberries

So far this summer, my Dad thinks he has picked about 5 quarts of blackberries (with plenty more still to come). Here is his haul this morning.

White Hydrangea

We have a huge white hydrangea that backs my mothers rock flower garden… Now in full bloom. The balls of white flowers smell like super sweet honey when you get up close to them.

Hydrangea tree, bowed

Unfortunately every time it rains, the flower balls become saturated and bow the tree’s branches over precipitously. They spring back as the flower balls dry out.

Tomatoes are ripening in the vegetable garden

Dad’s tomatoes are ripening in the vegetable garden. We’ve already eaten several with our dinners.

Bell peppers ripening

…And these are some of the biggest and most symmetrical bell peppers I’ve ever seen grow in the vegetable garden. They’ll be ripe in a couple days if the sun persists.



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