Unrequited Contest Poem

This one isn’t a true piece from the “Vault” [of Writing While a Youth] because it was written only a couple years ago… when I t’weren’t so youthful. Sherman Alexi had posted his first (and only?) online poetry contest on his website, http://fallsapart.com, in September of 2013.


I think I may have found Alexi’s contest post when it was already past the entry deadline, and thus wasn’t able to participate in the fun-loving competition. (Sigh… Once again a day late and a dollar short!) However, I used the contest criteria to write a poem solely for my own entertainment and personal challenge. Here were the basic contest rules:


  • The competing poets must use these 5 words in their poem: “robust”; “apple”; “hate”; “skyscraper”; and “lavender.”
  • The poem must be ten lines or less.


That was basically it, besides the contest deadline, and winners’ rights retention notice. Easy enough. Here’s what I came up with:


Confronted by another one—

        a cold, lifeless skyscraper that forces up my gaze,

        and blocks my meander with robust, unnatural immobility.

        It might as well be another human animal in the city

refuting my compassionate hate.


Does a weevil feel this way when her path

            is abashed by a tall spire of lavender?

            or does she simply close her eyes and imagine

            the tart, earthy juice from biting into an apple,

and continue walking the long cement sidewalk up another block?



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