Awe: Great Words

An interesting article in the New York Times Sunday Review that explains how experiencing “awe” affects our psyches in more ways than one might think…

Giving Power Back to the Client

When the client is virtually begging to give all of his or her power away, do you jump at the opportunity to grab it up?… Or do you channel it back?

Even More Places to Find Humility in the Tarot

Humility in the Fool? You think I must be joking… But research would seem to elucidate an element of humility—or lack of humility—in the history of the fool. In either sense—present or absent—we are provided a mode of observing, or gauging, or ruminating upon the virtuous nature of humility.

Love Wins… AGAIN

Yesterday, Ireland became the first country to approve and legalize gay marriage by popular vote…

The Funeral Procession of Brother Columba, OSB

  And let my dying Be as a return, with gratitude, For this gift of the miracle of life, A return of dust to the dust of the earth, Of waters to the flowing waters, To the trees that have stood by, Strong, in my many doubts, To the winds that blow Beyond our human […]

Community: Great Words

Dorotheos of Gaza was a 6th-century monk, eventually becoming an abbott of his own monastery. His writing, in the form of instructions for his charges, particularly condemns pride among his monks, deplores ascetic competition among the community, and places humility as the summit of monastic life.