Lenten Reflections by Brother John

Discovered these lovely words by former fellow brother and mentor, brother John.  I don't think he will mind at all that I share them here...

Weaving and Conversatio 

Be still and Know that I am God -
 God's word comes to us. God speaks to us in the silent serenity of the heart.

One of the earliest monastic crafts was weaving -

the silent joining of colored threads

to create a simple but beautiful tapestry.

Weaving for them was not a job to earn money -

it was a spiritual practice -

a way of life and prayer, of presence to God.


It was a favored Lenten practice

and Benedict said that all of the monastic life

was to bear the character of Lent.

Because weaving was a spiritual practice,

the colorful threads were not merely material -

they took on deeper meaning-

fiery red of divine desire,

profound blue of compassion,

the pure and simple white of silence.


Meister Eckhart said that there is nothing in the world

that resembles God so much as silence -

Silence is the sister of the divine-"

God's word is born of silence;

silence is woven into God's Word made flesh.

When our words come of silence,

our language becomes divine-

it creates, it heals, it unites.


In our times,

conversation, like weaving, is almost a forgotten craft.

The monastic practice of conversatio - conversation,

is today a vital monastic craft and Lenten practice -

to weave holy silence into our words.


 br. John 2/25/15


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